Wesley Glass originally joined Industrial Security Integrators as the Controller in 2016.  The President and Chief Executive Officer quickly identified his exceptional skills, dedication, and knowledge in Business Management, which expedited his promotion to an Executive Officer of the Company.  Wes has been instrumental in executing the Company’s new business unit strategy, with the launch of IsI Enterprises, LLC, and the subsidiaries, including Security Control LLC, in July 2018.   Wes is responsible for the integration of the company’s organizations initiatives and assisting the President and Chief Executive Officer in setting enterprise goals and developing the restructure of the principal components.

Wes lived his life surrounded by entrepreneurs and business professionals which gave him extensive operational and financial experience across various industry verticals from small to large multi-national organizations.  He operates as a mentoring leader with the goal to create an exciting and involved work environment where morale is high, and everyone feels essential and shares the passion for our Company.  Wes is dedicated to ongoing professional and personal development for himself and others, providing pragmatic solutions to challenges that makes a tremendous impact critical goals and objectives.