Kelvin is a retired Marine with over 30 years of experience in Security.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Security Management from American Military University.  He comes to IsI with a variety of experience in providing direction and leadership for security operations under medium and large corporations such as General Dynamics, McNeil Technologies (now known as AECOM), and Science Application International Corporation (SAIC now known as Liedos).  He has acquired a superior rating as well as many commendable ratings from Defense Security Service (DSS) security inspectors.  His experience with leading teams of security professionals and overseeing activities that ensure company, individual and team goals that safeguard internally and externally with organization, financial strength and operating efficiency.

Kelvin is primarily responsible for overseeing and managing regulatory compliance issues within IsI.  He leads all operating personnel, security professionals, and the security operations of IsI.  He manages all aspects of operations as well as create and drive overall strategy plan for growth, organizational design, and business design as part of the senior management team.  He contributes to and implements organization-wide strategic planning, business development and is responsible for setting new goals and policies by reviewing the quality and efficiency of the Helpdesk’s workmanship.  He works closely with the executive team to assess the overall success of policies and procedures to maximize customer satisfaction and Government compliance.