IsI will do an initial determination of the organizational structure for the Company,
• Review of the Industrial Security Facilities Database (ISFD)
• Update the Facility Clearance Binder for a currently cleared Organization
• Update the Electronic Facility Clearance System (e-FCL) (if required)
• Update Self Inspection Handbook
• Review and update the DD Form 441-DoD Security Agreement (if required)
• Review and update the SF-328-Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interests (if required)
• Review and update the Key Management Personnel List (KMP) (if required)
• Review and update any exclusion resolutions (if required)
• Prepare Initial and Refresher Security Awareness Training to the IsI standard
• Prepare Operational Security Training to the IsI Standard
• Prepare and execute corporate Standard Practice Procedures (SPP) to the IsI standard
• Prepare and execute Systems Access Requests (SAR) for Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) and ISFD
• Review and update all appointment letters (if required)
• Conduct a full inspection of the program and identify any corrective action items or vulnerabilities
• Configure the Access Commander Server
• Review all personnel records in JPAS and enter all records into Access Commander
• Update the JPAS Security Management Office (SMO) with the security email address
• Upload all data in Access Commander
• Digitize all security files and upload them into Access Commander
• Contact the Cognizant Security Authority (CSA) and notification of IsI support
• Coordination to setup a help desk email account for security
• Notify all employees of the help desk and who their security Point of Contacts (POC) are

IsI provides a wide variety of products and services including alarm systems, access control systems, CCTV surveillance systems, intercoms, vehicle control, guardhouse, and perimeter protection. IsI’s access control systems provide the capabilities of audit trails, employee tracking, and perimeter control at the push of a button. IsI can implement custom reports to eliminate frequent re-keying costs and add convenience. IsI’s access control systems are versatile enough to allow multiple sites to be controlled, viewed and accessed by one server. Each site can also maintain control through client software. This software allows the utilization of one card as both the company ID and access card through badging modules in the access control system. IsI’s complete CCTV surveillance system provides simultaneous recording and video playback to ensure an important event is never overlooked. The technology today allows customizable systems to meet the needs of our clients infrastructure. IsI operating software packages allow our clients the ability to integrate access control systems and CCTV surveillance systems providing comprehensive information. The audit trails provided by the access control systems through customized reports together with video clips from the CCTV surveillance system provides a complete picture of incidents and events. IsI can incorporate any number of components, options, services or variations all designed to meet our clients intrusion detection and protection needs.