IsI provides customized Government-compliant computer systems that meet our client’s information technology needs and support their requirements. IsI’s approach to designing and configuring Government-compliant computer systems involves several layered steps. This approach to safer computing is often called “defense in depth”. IsI’s staff of technical experts will implement the latest Government requirements promptly, professionally, and effectively.
Many Government contracts require classified information systems. Configuring a computer system to meet National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) Chapter 8 standards is complicated and often time sensitive. IsI has partnered with several vendors to supply laptops, desktops, servers, and networks on short notice to our clients. Once the required system specifications are appropriately identified, our classified-capable information system hardware and components can be configured and delivered to our clients in minimal time. Before delivery, our Information Systems are configured by highly experienced, Information System Security Manager (ISSM)-certified personnel with expertise in Chapter 8 standards.
Every IsI information system will include an operating system configured to NISPOM Chapter 8 Standards, a full complete System Security Plan, an Information System Profile, a checklist of what actions the ISSM must perform on a weekly basis to maintain compliance, as well as a CD containing all documents required for submission to the Office of the Designated Approving Authority (ODAA) for system accreditation. IsI also provides an email template preformatted for our client’s to submit as required by ODAA. If needed, IsI’s staff of technical experts can travel to our client’s worksite(s) to physically deploy these systems in their facilities.
All of our systems can support a wide variety of hardware additions such as scanners, printers, or any other needed hardware that our client’s may require to meet their operational needs.