Our managed security services support organizations across the DIB.

Managed Security Services for Defense Contractors

As the leading provider of industrial security solutions, IsI leverages its extensive resources to empower over 800 Defense Industrial Base (DIB) clients. To address the complex challenges faced by Facility Security Officers (FSOs), we offer solutions designed to reduce their administrative burden and strengthen their security posture. Through our Managed Security Services, IsI supports FSOs by encompassing the management of both facility and personnel security clearances, along with thorough preparation for Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) assessments. Leveraging our proprietary software, Security Control, we streamline and optimize all facets of your industrial security program.

To stat our process we assign clients to a security team.
Our Process: Each client is initially assigned to the IsI Compliance Team for the evaluation of their security program and their organization as a whole. Once the requirements are established, the client is then assigned a security team composed of one Assistant Facility Security Officer (AFSO) and one Security Specialist through a helpdesk to provide support by phone and/or email. Through this strategy, we offer IsI clients an unparalleled level of redundancy for their industrial security initiatives.  At IsI, we excel in assisting companies with both maintaining and obtaining Facility Security Clearances (FCL). We take pride in our track record: over the past two years, 93% of our clients who applied for an FCL were successfully approved. In 2023, it took our clients an average of just 115 days to have their FCL granted.

NISS Management

Streamline your industrial security with IsI's expert management of the National Industrial Security System (NISS). We take the complexity out of NISS, ensuring your Facility Clearance Level (FCL) documents are always up-to-date. On a day-to-day basis, our services encompass tasks such as submitting change condition notifications to DCSA (e.g., Change in Address, KMP, Operating Name, Ownership, FOCI) and reviewing/updating government systems (NISS and DISS/NBIS).

DISS/NBIS Management

IsI takes the lead for you in managing the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) and National Background Investigations Service (NBIS), critical components in ensuring personnel security. From conducting status checks to meticulous database interactions and maintaining your personnel clearance (PCL) documents, our team ensures that your cleared personnel databases are in synchronization with current employee status.

DCSA Assessment Preparation and Support

Preparing for a Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) assessment requires planning and expertise. IsI offers dedicated support in preparing for DCSA assessments, ensuring that your organization meets and exceeds the stringent security standards. Our experts provide thorough assessments, implement necessary adjustments, and offer on-site support during assessments, guiding you toward a successful evaluation. We are proud of our track record: 100% of our clients consistently achieve satisfactory or higher DCSA assessment scores.

Certain facilities have higher levels of security.

Facility Clearance Services

IsI understands how challenging it can be to run your business while implementing new security systems and keeping up with government guidance and policies. Whether your organization is being sponsored for a FCL or is already a cleared Facility in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP), our experts are here to help. IsI empowers organizations to understand the systems, policies, and procedures of the DCSA and serves as a dedicated partner ensuring client facilities maintain compliant with regulations. Our workflows and powerful automations provide FSOs, Insider Threat Program Senior Officials (ITPSOs), and Senior Management Officials (SMOs) peace of mind knowing they have a team in their corner supporting their Organization’s mission to obtain and maintain an FCL status.

FCL Sponsorship Support

IsI offers comprehensive support in the preparation and submission of Sponsorship Packages within the National Industrial Security System (NISS). Our experts meticulously review and compile all necessary documentation to facilitate a seamless sponsorship process.

Our FSOs receive dedicated support in preparing and submitting FCL Packages through NISS. IsI ensures a thorough and accurate submission, streamlining the FCL acquisition process.

IsI assists Key Management Personnel with PCL investigations and fingerprinting submissions via Secure Web Fingerprint Submission (SWFT). We guide you through the entire process, ensuring compliance with security protocols.

We schedule and prepare for Initial Orientation Meetings (IOM) with the Industrial Security Representative (ISR) from the DCSA. IsI ensures that your team is well-prepared for these crucial engagements.

IsI aids in the creation and implementation of essential company policies and procedures, including Initial Security Briefings, Standard Practices & Procedures (SPP), and Insider Threat Program Plans (ITP). Our guidance ensures that your security measures align with industry standards and government regulations.

We guide FSOs and ITPSO through required training on the Security Training Education and Professionalization Portal (STEPP), ensuring that your team is well-versed in security protocols.

IsI assists in preparing for the Initial Compliance Review (ICC) with the ISR from DCSA, including obtaining an account in the DISS, NBIS, and NISS. Our support streamlines the preparation process for a successful review.

Cleared Facility Support

IsI conducts a thorough review of all company records for compliance, including Facility Documents, Personnel Documents, and Contract DD254s. Our approach ensures that your facility maintains adherence to regulatory standards.

We submit change condition notifications to DCSA via NISS, covering changes in address, Key Management Personnel (KMP), operating name, and ownership. IsI ensures that your facility’s information remains up-to-date.

Our experts handle the reviewing and updating of government systems, including NISS and DISS/NBIS. IsI ensures that your facility’s information is accurately reflected in these critical systems.

IsI initiates PCL actions in DISS/NBIS, including PCL investigations, Visit Requests, Customer Service Requests, and more. We streamline the process, ensuring that your personnel maintain the necessary clearances.

IsI continues its support by creating and implementing additional company policies and procedures, such as Standard Practices & Procedures (SPP), Insider Threat Program (ITP), Initial Security Briefing, and Annual Security Refresher Training. Our approach ensures comprehensive security coverage.

We conduct and report Annual Self-Inspections to DCSA, ensuring that your facility remains compliant with security standards. IsI’s proactive approach helps identify and address any potential issues.

IsI supports your facility by conducting and reporting Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) Projections to DCSA. Our systematic projections aid in maintaining the integrity of your facility’s security clearance process.

We provide support during Continuous Monitoring or Security Reviews with DCSA. IsI ensures that your facility is well-prepared and supported throughout these critical engagements.

Are you interested in learning more about how our managed security services can support your industrial security initiatives? Whether you need support with your FCL/PCL management, or assistance preparing for a DCSA audit, we are here to help. Reach out to us today to request a free consultation! No matter the size of your organization, we are proud to offer both cost-effective and comprehensive solutions designed to make your life easier. Fill out the form below to get started and we will be in touch.