It is important to prepare for DCSA assessment.

Facility Clearance Services

IsI understands how frightening it can be learning to do business while implementing new security systems and keeping up with new guidance and policies. Whether your organization is being sponsored for a Facility Clearance (FCL) or is already a cleared Facility in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP), our experts are here to help. IsI’s turn-key solution to Facility Clearances empowers Organizations to not only understand the systems, policies, and procedures with Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) but to also have a partner ensuring their Facility maintains compliance with them. Our workflows provide Facility Security Officers (FSOs), Insider Threat Program Senior Officials (ITPSOs), and Senior Management Officials (SMOs) peace of mind knowing they have a Team in their corner who supports their Organization’s mission to obtain and maintain an operational status.

FCL Sponsorship support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sponsor support with reviewing and all documentation for Sponsorship Packages in the National Industrial Security System (NISS)
  • FSO support with preparing and submitting the FCL Package in the NISS
  • Assisting Key Management Personnel (KMP) with Personnel Clearance (PCL) investigations and fingerprinting submissions via Secure Web Fingerprint Submission (SWFT)
  • Scheduling and preparing for the Initial Orientation Meetings (IOM) with the Industrial Security Representative (ISR) from DCSA
  • Creating and implementing company policies and procedures (i.e., Initial Security Briefings, Standard Practices & Procedures, Insider Threat Program Plans)
  • Guiding FSO and ITPSO with required training in the Security Training Education and Professionalization Portal (STEPP)
  • Preparing for the Initial Compliance Review (ICC) with the ISR from DCSA (i.e., Obtaining an account in the Defense Information System for Security (DISS))

Cleared Facility Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing of all company records for compliance (i.e., Facility Documents, Personnel Documents, Contract DD254s)
  • Submitting change condition notifications to DCSA via NISS (i.e., Change in Address, KMP, Operating Name, Ownership, FOCI)
  • Reviewing and updating of government systems (NISS and DISS/NBIS)
  • Initiating Personnel Clearance (PCL) actions in DISS/NBIS (i.e., PCL investigations, Visit Requests, Customer Service Requests, etc.)
  • Creating and implementing company policies and procedures (SPP, ITP, Initial Security Briefing, Annual Security Refresher Training, etc.)
  • Conducting and reporting Annual Self-Inspections to DCSA
  • Conducting and reporting Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) Projections to DCSA
  • Providing support in-person during Continuous Monitoring or Security Reviews with DCSA