Industrial Security Management Software for Defense Contractors 

As a Facility Security Officer (FSO), are you overwhelmed with daily tasks, leaving no time for strategic security initiatives? Security Control, developed by FSOs for FSOs can help. Our market-leading industrial security management software streamlines security efficiencies, securely centralizes information, and helps organizations achieve compliance with ever-changing federal regulations. With Security Control, FSOs can reclaim their time and tackle critical security challenges. See how it works by requesting a demo today!
FSO uses Security Control software to power her day.

Unified Reporting

Defense contractors are held accountable for detailed reporting on a variety of security measures to uphold compliance standards. Countless organizations across the defense industrial base (DIB) are forced to manage archaic Excel spreadsheets to store this information, opening the door to both user error and data risk. Our customers will tell you one of the biggest benefits of having a central data repository is having all data tied to your security program in one place. Security Control enables consistency, data integrity, and enhanced data security. Your data is of the utmost importance which is why Security Control is hosted on Amazon GovCloud which checks all the security boxes. The following reporting can be stored and tracked out of our software:

Incoming & Outgoing visits

Insider Threat

Foreign Travel


New Hire Onboarding

Document Control

Facility Security Clearance

Personnel Security Clearance

Security Control allows for workflow automation.

Workflow Automation

Security Control provides integrated workflows designed to automate the multitude of tasks that typically demand an FSO’s attention. For example, automatic escalation triggers alert Security Managers to non-responsive employees to ensure open action items are completed in a timely manner. The software provides workflows to track annual training/briefings, classified visits, foreign travel, new hire on-boarding, terminations, new contract awards, clearance upgrades/downgrades, and incident reporting. These fine-tuned automations are vital in ensuring that crucial deadlines are met, information is managed effectively, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Data Consistency

Juggling data between internal systems, Defense Information System for Security (DISS), and National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) can lead to inconsistencies, causing headaches and compliance risks. Security Control offers a seamless solution, ensuring consistent and up-to-date personnel data. With our advanced Personnel Comparison Module and Cross-System Personnel Sync, you can effortlessly maintain data integrity across all platforms, helping you avoid costly compliance errors.

Security Control empowers data consistency.
Easily conduct your DCSA self-assessment.

Navigating the DCSA Self-Inspection Process

The DCSA self-inspection process can present challenges for contractors, requiring significant time and attention to detail. With numerous paperwork requirements and manual tracking involved, it can be a daunting task. Security Control simplifies this process by offering a digitized version of the DCSA self-inspection handbook, alongside integrated workflows and robust tracking capabilities. By streamlining every step of the self-inspection process, Security Control reduces preparation time and empowers contractors to confidently meet all stringent requirements with ease.

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