section-1-2Employing a Facility Security Officer (FSO) or Security Team can be expensive and frustrating when spending more time than desired on non-revenue generating activities. IsI’s team of security professionals provide the necessary support to manage small to large security programs at a fraction of the cost. IsI allows our clients to reallocate both time and money that can be dedicated to growing and maintaining the business during this time of ever-changing security requirements.
IsI’s team of certified Facility Security Officers are well-versed in all aspects of Industrial Security, Compliance and Management of day-to-day security operations. Each client is initially assigned to the IsI Compliance Team for analysis and evaluation of their existing security program. Once the requirements are established, the client is then assigned a team of people through a helpdesk to provide support by phone and/or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Policies and procedures are the backbone of a sound security program.
Between 75% and 80% of all malicious attacks come from within an organization, not from an external threat and 68% of funds lost as a result of a cyber attack were declared unrecoverable. Whether you need help securing internally or externally, IsI has the expert knowledge and experience in security needed to implement custom processes for our clients in support of any US customer worldwide. According to a recent survey, some 87% of small businesses experienced a security breach in 2012 alone, meaning it’s not just large companies with huge profit margins that face cyber attack. Whether a global or small business, IsI ensures our client’s customer compliance, as well as internal requirements are properly assessed, understood, implemented and successfully met. Not a traditional armed guard security service, IsI defines solutions, identifies and corrects security issues, develops and implements corporate policies and procedures to include Standard Practice & Procedures (SPP), Operational Security (OPSEC) Plans, and Operational Policies for client specific requirements and needs. IsI support includes but is not limited to the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), DCID, ICD, and other government and firm security policies and procedures.