IsI’s team of Security and Construction experts can provide a turn-key solution for customized Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF’s), Closed Areas, high security rooms, server rooms, and general commercial construction. IsI’s Design-Build experts work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure the space meets safeguarding requirements and operational needs. The difference between hiring IsI and a general contractor or construction company is the design, build, and implementation of operational capabilities. IsI provides an end-to-end solution by preparing accreditation packages for submission to the Cognizant Service Authority (CSA), installing the networks and cabling, security .5systems, and furniture. This allows our clients to better focus their 2 time on growing their business.

IsI manages every step from Design-Build to ensuring full compliance with ICD 705, NISPOM, JAFAN, and county code requirements. IsI’s accreditation experts remain on-hand throughout the entire process to ensure both construction quality and equipment installation are completed in a manner which will lead to accreditation.

IsI can deliver a complete range of capabilities, ranging from Secret restricted areas to fully secured and RF shielded facilities for Top Secret/SCI operations. IsI has deep experience with the installation of tempest, RF shielding, sound group 3 and 4, SCIF-compliant doors and hardware, dielectric fittings, man bars, grounding, power filtering, electric conductors, alarm systems, access control systems, and locking systems. Accurate and reasonable time & cost projections are critical. Our extensive experience with SCIF, Closed Area, and high security construction makes it possible us to provide precise and thorough proposals. IsI is dedicated to giving our clients the best result for the dollar value.

IsI coordinates all requirements during the accreditation process. IsI follows all Government regulations for construction to include ICD 705, NISPOM, JAFAN Requirements, Conceptual Plans, Construction Security Plans, and Fixed Facility Checklists. The IsI 100% success rate with Government accreditations and inspections will give our clients confidence ahead of time that their new SCIFs, Closed Areas, or high security rooms will be ready for use on time and within budget.

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