Navigate your security program seamlessly with IsI’s Managed Security Services. Our dedicated team provides FSO support, manages both facility and personnel security clearances, and helps ensure your readiness for DCSA assessments.

We provide comprehensive IT and compliance solutions tailored for defense contractors, aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing security, and ensuring compliance. Our expert team is dedicated to alleviating your IT burden, allowing you to focus on confidently growing your business.

Our proprietary software, Security Control, is a  leading security information management product designed to enhance FSO efficiencies, securely centralize sensitive information, and achieve compliance with ever-changing federal regulations.

Are you Meeting Compliance Standards?

A shocking 87% of government contractors are not in compliance.

IsI is proud to serve as a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) certified by Cyber AB. We are equipped to support you with every phase of your CMMC compliance journey from initial assessment to comprehensive remediation.


We take pride in delivering first-in-class services to DoD contractors, but let's hear it straight from the source! Here's what some of our valued customers have to say:

Why IsI

Comprehensive assessments completed: 180+
Number of client helped: 800+

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Managed IT & Cybersecurity

At IsI, we take a holistic approach to compliance, managed IT, and cybersecurity, positioning ourselves as the preferred choice for defense contractors. Our 100% US-based team is committed to navigating you through the intricate landscape of cybersecurity threats and regulatory requirements. By entrusting us with your IT infrastructure and security needs, you will benefit from 24/7/365 monitoring so can focus your attention on growing your business.

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Managed Security Solutions

If your organization requires a Facility Clearance (FCL), you have a sponsor, and need to begin the FCL process; our experts are here to help.
Facility Clearance

& Personnel Management

Coordination with DCSA

on your behalf

Team members collaborate on security initiatives.


Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Security Solutions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about our Managed Security Services, Outsourced FSO Solutions, Fingerprinting, and Security Control Software

If your organization stores, handles, or processes CUI, you are expected to adhere to the 110 security controls outlined in NIST 800-171. Most often organizations handling CUI would include defense contractors and research institutions.

Security Control is designed to support Facility Security Officers (FSOs) by streamlining security processes, ensuring compliance with regulations, and promoting a culture of security awareness and engagement within defense contracting organizations.

IsI clients benefit from a redundancy plan with a dedicated AFSO and a Security Specialist to ensure that your organization remains secure and compliant even in the face of unexpected disruptions.