Security Software for FSO’s

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity and compliance, staying ahead is not just a necessity—it’s a mission. For government contractors, the labyrinth of regulations set by the NISPOM RULE demands not just attention but a strategic approach to security. Enter IsI’s groundbreaking solution, the Security Control Platform was built to help both mid-sized and large businesses securely manage their facility and personnel security information to easy compliance with government regulations. Security Control was designed by Facility Security Officers (FSOs) for FSO’s to increase efficiencies, process speeds, and compliance with the NISPOM government regulations.

Security Control was initially developed to manage the security programs of the 800 plus clients who utilize our Managed Security Services. Our customers told us this is a such a great solution, you should take it to market. We took their advice and have not looked back since thus becoming a market leader.

Security Control Security Standards

Our Security Control software servers are hosted on AWS GovCloud, which meets all of the security standards of FEDRAMP High and CMMC. 

Tailored for Efficiency and Compliance

Security Control is not your typical security software; it’s a meticulously crafted tool aimed at increasing efficiency, accelerating processes, and ensuring seamless compliance with NISPOM RULE regulations. From the onboarding of new hires to managing annual training and navigating employee termination, Security Control is a comprehensive solution that solves the unique challenges faced by government contractors.

The software introduces a secure self-service portal, empowering employees to report insider threats and respond to action items. This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual follow-ups, allowing FSO’s to allocate their time and resources strategically.

Powerful Data Security

In the era of digital vulnerability, securing sensitive data is paramount. The software takes this responsibility by employing a multi-layered system of security mechanisms. Features such as end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and a comprehensive audit trail of user interactions provide the highest level of protection for your data. Regular independent security assessments ensure that Security Control remains resilient against evolving security risks.

Automation: The Key to Efficiency

Security Control is not just about security; it makes FSO’s more productive. Built-in workflows automate tasks  that traditionally consume significant amounts of time. Automatic escalation triggers ensure that Security Managers are promptly alerted to non-responsive employees, guaranteeing that open action items are completed in a timely manner. Security Control’s workflows cover a spectrum of activities, from tracking annual training and briefings to managing classified visits, foreign travel, new hire onboarding, terminations, new contract awards, clearance upgrades/downgrades, and incident reporting.

Security Control is on the fast track and in 2024, wait till you see what is coming ahead!   With the help of customer advisory groups and our inroads with NBIS, we stay ahead of the development game.

Tailored Modules for Every Need

Our platform is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a customizable platform with modules catering to specific needs, such as:

Personnel: Seamlessly report new hires, terminations, and manage annual training and briefing notifications.

Incoming Visits: Receive email notifications with visitor names and dates, ensuring a smooth entry process.

Contracts: Stay informed on existing contracts with notifications on contract expiration dates

Outgoing Visits: Get timely email reminders of visit expirations with options for renewal.

Facilities: Simplify self-inspections to ensure facilities meet required standards.

Safes & Closed Areas: Build and print essential forms like SF-701, SF-702, and DSS-147 for enhanced security.

Incident Reports: Efficiently store and manage incident reports with automated notifications and escalations.

Classified Material: Receive timely notifications when documents require disposition, ensuring compliance.

Security Control is a strategic asset for FSO’s navigating the complexities of government regulations. By combining advanced security features with streamlined automation, it empowers organizations to not only secure their data but also enhance overall operational efficiency in the realm of cybersecurity and compliance. With Security Control, IsI has not just raised the bar—it has redefined it. For a deeper dive into the power of Security Control, contact IsI today.